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I stared at her.... That's all I could do. I couldn't look away, I couldn't move..... Just stare at her. She was prettier then I thought she would be. Gorgous actually. Amazing curves in all the right places, blue eyes that spracking  ever so bright; her blonde hair was very short, but I could deal with that, because her body was so-


A gloved hand slapped me straight aross my face. A dark crimson mark engraved upon my right cheek, shining bolding for every other man to see. Pain drifted through my cheek.


I flinced and stutted, "J-ja, Ms. Germany?"

"What have I told you about daydreaming?!" Germany exclaimed, her expression displaying clear angry.

"I'm sorry mam! It won't happen again!" That would be a promise I would be breaking.

"I better not caught you doing it again. The German Army  needs focus and-" I zoned out again, as she went on and on about our Armed Forces. I couldn't help but imagion what it would be like to hold her, to be able to smell her hair, to be able to kiss her, and-


There goes the slap again, this time on the left cheek. Now, both sides of my face hurted.

"Soilder! Do you want to disappoint your country?!"

I signed in annoyance, "No, but I don't think "she's" liking me too much right now anyways, so-"


Right cheek again. That side was going to have a huge bruise. My eyes narrowed and I wear the lowest frown I could muster. I could hear the other soilders behind me, trying hard to keep their laughter silent.

Suddenly, the european country took another step closer, her face barely two inchs from mine. I tried to glare down at her, but sadly, I was only a few inches taller than her,(while all the other guys in my unit was much taller then me, so you can imagine how I feel). I tired to be angrly with her, but I couldn't. Her eyes would throw me off and I would only end up staring at her dumbfound. However, she was strong, unmovable. She glared at me with fire in her eyes and stood her ground like a mountin.

Germany hissed, a glance of hate in those blue orbs of hers. "Stand down, Soilder."

I felt my mind spin... I felt my stomach pop... I felt my heart crack....

And for once, I looked away.

"Yes mam." With that, I turned and dashed away, ignoring the other males who laughed at me. Not realizing the cheerless and deeply upset expression on Germany's face as I ran.

After basic training, I needed escape that horrible training camp. I stolled to a nearby bar and order the largest beer I could get. As soon as the bartender handed me my drink, I start to chug it down.

"Whoa there son, calm down. You're gonna make yourself choke drinking that fast." the bartender pulled the beverage slightly away from my mouth.

"It doesn't really matter." I muttered, "Nothing matters anymore."

He looked at me with narrow eyes, "What's wrong with you son? You look like your puppy dog just died."

At that moment, I pictured myself as a small dog, fleeing Germany and the my teasing teammates with my tail between my legs. Just as the poor mutt I was got to the road, I was hit by a car. What a sad why to visualize yourself....

I slamed my head down on the bar, "I really don't what to talk about it, Pops...."

The tender said nothing else and went on with his work. I kept my head down for a while until I heard a fimilar voice in the sit next to me.

"Bartender, I need the largest beer possible, please."

It was her voice, her lovely voice. My heart suddenly a beat, but I kept my head low. Hoping she would not look at me.

"You know I can see you, Soilder. And you just came in here a couple of minutes ago, so you can't possible be drunk enough to be passed out yet."

Ah, damn it!

I signed in defeat, raising my head to gaze at her, "You've got a shape eye there, Ms. Germany."

"It doesn't take a shape eye to regonize an idiot acting like he's sleeping." Mien Gott, this woman knew how to shoot me down.

I cracked a smile, "Ha, and everyone in the unit said you're not funny."

Suddenly, I heard something that I never thought I would hear. Germany actually let out a tiny giggle. I was amazed, I had made Germany laugh a little bit.


Right to the already bruised cheek, which made it even more painful.

"Don't make me laugh." She snared, as she told a sip of her drink. But there was something on her face, a odd red on her cheeks. Wait, was Germany actually blushing too?!

I smirked, "But why, you look so cute when you laugh and when you blush."


This time it was in the back of the skull, causing me to hit the  table.

Snapping my head back up, I turned to her and growled, "Why do you keep doing that?"

That firely blush came back and I suddnely a got an idea.

My lips sled upwards again, happily, "Is it, because you like me?"


In the back of the head again. I hoped this wasn't going to cause brain damage...

This time when I arose, I was smiling. I was delighted to see that sweet blush grow darker.

"You do, don't you?!"


She said nothing as she got up and started to walk away, leaving her beer, the flush on her face so red, she could be mistaken for a tomato.

I turned back to my own alcohol, very much pleased, "I'll take that as a "yes."

I took a sip and thought to myslef, 'Tomorrow's trading section is going to be fun...'
This was my first time writing one these. Yeah, but to me Fem!Germany never seems to get enough love so I wrote her something up. I hope it's okay.

This is my first hetalia fic too. ^^;

Me: I'm a sad little person. *hinds in emo corner*
Real Emo: *stares down at me* Bitch, plz! *throws me out* My corner.
Me: *sits on bed* I'm so rejected..... DX
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